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Reading the Swansea Hearld and Post, Swansea Marina

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some swansea sites 2009

various locations swansea city
and swansea evening hearld and post
commissioned for locws international 09

The project consisted of a series 5 of posters of collections of drawings depicting Swansea landmarks, which were distributed around Swansea City. The imagesof recognisable landmarks from around the city are often depictions which might not normally be used to represent the city. The posters were themed on ships, bridges, street furniture, urban weeds, and assorted landmarks.

These were distributed using 2 methods, one for a private encounter, one for a more public encounter. The posters were published incrementally in The Swansea Herald of Wales over the duration of the exhibition where individual readers found them as a pull out page in the paper. In tandem with this they were also very pubically sited on billboard at different locations around the city

The idea was to distribute vernacular information about Swansea using the cities pre existing distribution systems.

Photography Locws International and A.O'Beirn